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Slave Willem 

With a loudly beating heart I arrived at the door of an authentic looking mansion in the middle of a street with otherwise modern houses in Eindhoven. The streets are full of Christmas shoppers who defy the rainy December day and my nerves are on the edge because of the first meeting with Mistress Luna and additionally because in my imagination everybody is looking my way. When I ring the bell, 4 minutes too late, thank god, the door opens immediately. Mistress Luna looks me right in the eyes on Her high heels and I feel my 1.9 m shrink under Her critical looks. Beautiful and intimidating, raised eyebrows and an erected mouth She friendly says one short sentence: "You are too late slave". With Her friendly voice, She calmly noticed that I was in violation of the rules. First failing, and I have to make them up with this Goddess. Later that afternoon, I experienced in a painful way that Mistress Luna takes Her rules seriously and that She expects the same from Her slaves.
Helpless in a beautiful bondage, She takes me with Her in Her play. She decides and I follow. She tightens the clamps further, tenderly and with attention. Her kind expression and warm presence make that I am willing to go the extra mile for Her. To see the smile on Her face grow by enduring everything that She makes me feel. A soft hand that caresses my buttocks where She landed her whip. A nipple clamp that is removed and replaced ruthlessly. She has listened carefully when we got acquainted and She obviously paid attention when She read my e-mail.
Limits are there to be pushed, also in our first session. When I am recovering outside, I can feel the spots on my body that got Her special attention. With warm feelings, I think back to Her cruelty. And I want nothing more than to feel that I am Hers again. Softly I whisper in my mantra: “I am Your slave and I only exist to make Your life better Mistress!” 

Slave Martijn 

I was tense the whole week, and finally it was Wednesday, the day that I would go with Mistress Luna to the BDSM evening in club Mystique. After we made arrangements, I picked up Mrs Luna at a hotel. From there we had to drive more than half an hour to club Mistique. Luckily we arrived in time at the location. We received the keys to our lockers and went down into the basement. The place was loaded. Then I found my way to the showers. After a refreshing shower we could dress ourselves. First we had something to eat and then I gave Mrs a tour through the club and we looked around. After we drank something at the bar, it started to become crowded. Mistress Luna had bought a new electrical toy that she had put around my slave cock. It worked on batteries. While seated at the bar, she pulled out the remote control and tried different levels. Some people noticed what was going on and secretly looked at my sometimes fierce reaction to the toy. This gave me a very exciting feeling. With full anticipation, I waited for the moment that she would start. In my mind this took a long time, impatient as I am. Finally she asked me to go to a place where I could stand. When we got there, I was bound and she took the whips out of her suitcase. While I was being whipped, I heard several people gathering around us, watching us. I found this very exciting. Afterwards I was released and Mrs and I went into the maze. Unfortunately we met nobody there. After a few tries to involve some of the men that came to watch, we went back to the bar. At the bar, Mrs talked to a Master and finally both of them took me with them. They tied me to a bed and both whipped me. This was very exciting. Although sometimes it became too heavy, I tried to withstand it for my Mistress. They also used ice cubes and treated me anally. After they were finished, they took off my blindfold and I saw that several people had been watching, among them a couple. It was a wonderful experience. Afterwards I was awarded by my Mistress by being allowed to kneel next to her and she pampered me by caressing my hair with her hand. 

Slave Simon 

Before the session, Mistress Luna let me know that I could not pleasure myself for at least a week. I told her that that would be difficult for me, but that I would give it a try. In her e-mail, she made it very clear: "This is what you will do without objection." I understood the message and was afraid of the consequences if I would not obey. I met Mistress Luna in a beautiful suite. When she walked over to me, with her long blond hair, her penetrating eyes, scarlet lips and high boots, dressed in a dress and with her 1.80 m, I felt humble to her. She ordered me to kneel and to extensively kiss her high boots as a welcome. I did this with pleasure and my lips and tongue eagerly went all over her boots. She ordered me to shower and then to lay on my back in the shower. She stood above me and told me to open my mouth so I could drink her champagne, but I was not allowed to spill. Everything I spilled I had to clean afterwards with my tongue. Then I was allowed to lick her dry as a reward that I almost spilled nothing. She put on my collar and warmed me up by teasing my whole body extensively and especially by stimulating my nipples and cock. Clamps were put on my nipples and they were screwed tight. Pleasantly painful. I was attached to the Andreas cross and she whipped my backside and afterwards my frontside. Meanwhile she fondled me almost affectionately and whispered in my ear, making me willing to endure the whipping. My balls were decorated with clothespins, because she enjoyed the looks of it. She said that she had to practice aiming with the bull whip and whipped the clothespins from my balls. When I stood on my toes frightened and in pain, she looked at me with twinkling eyes and a big smile on her face. It was obvious that she totally enjoyed my spastic traits while trying to withstand the whipping in the least painful way. But her looks were enough for me to try my best to persevere. After she was finished playing with the whips, I had to crawl behind her to the bed, where she tied me with cuffs. She stood on the bed and started to work on my nipples and cock with her high heels. She landed with her crotch on my face and pulled the clamps of my nipples in one go. Because she was sitting on my face, I couldn't yell out loud as I really wanted to. This was painful. She kissed my nipples and massaged them and the tension was temporarily gone from my body. She turned around and sat on me, revealing "her favourite toy". Electro. She laid down next to me and close to me, and the pulses on my cock became more violent. Despite the pain, I felt safe with her at my side and it felt very intimate. I crept against her and she held her hand on my breast. At that moment, I would do anything and everything for her. She was testing my limits and encouraging me to cross them for her, which I did. She fondled my head and gave me a kiss. Well done slave, she said. We ended the session with pegging on my request and as a reward I was finally allowed to come. That felt so good, after a week! She took off my collar and gave me a kiss. Thank you Mistress Luna, I enjoyed it very much. For sure, until next time! 

Slave K ("slave kendra") 

Very impressive and different than normal - that is the feeling that stuck after my first visit to Lady Luna. I was honestly impressed how She had prepared herself - Up front, I have the tendency to extensively e-mail about my very specific fetish. But She had read everything in great detail before our session in Almere. The day before the session, She sent me an e-mail asking for my do's and don’ts. So I went to Her with a good feeling - very nervous of course, as it should, especially when you meet your Mistress for the first time. After I took a shower and I dressed myself in a goody two-shoe sissy uniform, I knocked on the door. There She was, in full length, in a very natural and physical way very dominant. Dressed in a white shirt, red tie and black skirt, She looked like a goody two-shoe blonde Goddess. After She put the wig on my head, applied lipstick and examined my cloths (complete with a nice ladies bow), I had to get on my knees to honour Her shoes by licking and fondling them. And then my (little) cock and balls were at stake. Finally weights were hanging there, that clang nicely against each other. My nipples were tested, while She was looking deeply into my eyes; very close - I felt very small. She asked me what Her favourite colour would be. "Red, Mistress?" I guessed in a timid voice - this because of the colour of Her tie. "Indeed little slave", She said radiantly, and so it was time for ass-slapping. First with my wrists spread tied to the ceiling - She hit me with the whip, paddle and bare hand. Then I was put on Her lap and see: it became red, and it was wonderful. She hits hard, but also exactly right. I get a kick from that - I am not a pain slave but I love spanking - however as long as I don't go over a hard pain limit. This Mistress gave me many dozens of slaps and even later at night, my ass still felt deliciously burning hot (and without whip marks or bruises, since I can't have that because of my vanilla home situation). Then Lady Luna gave me a new name - "slave kendra" would be my new nickname in Her presence. She put both an electro and a lovely bondage in soft back rope around my cock. Then I had to lay down on the bed. She laid down next to me and played with the intensity of the shocks on my little slave cock. She surprised me, crawling over me and almost into me, where it took me a lot of effort to neglect the very natural urge to kiss Her heavenly lips (so close). But: my head under Her long blond hair, my mouth against the collar of Her shirt and the knot of Her tie make it feel really very intimate. Then She left me alone on the bed, while enjoying the tingling and shocks on my little cock. For fifteen minutes I had to endure this alone, tied and because of the electro wiggling. Then I was released and led to another room. There I was put in a cage, where I could ponder over my sins in loneliness (read: lovely peace). There was I, "slave kendra", in my black skirt, nylon stockings, white blouse with black ladies bow, locked in a cage with bars ... there was, in my daily life deeply tucked away, true self. When I went back, I had to blow Her (well, the enormous strapon dildo She was wearing) and in this way I was deliciously humiliated to the bone as cocksucker of the lovely Lady Luna. The lovely humiliation continued when She tied my hands to the bars of the bed. Laying on my back I experienced how it is to feel the fingers of the Mistress wriggling inside my slutty asshole. Sitting on the edge of the bed, still being Her cocksucker, I finally was allowed to jerk on my little cock, where Lady Luna - who was standing in front of me - whispered to me, encouraging my beginner skills as cocksucker. I came heavenly. After which my switch turned rigorously and I felt embarrassed and ridiculous, but actually preferably I would have liked to embrace her; this beautiful and skilled Mistress who is very dominant, but surely not physically distant. Unique. 


An impressive piece of 'Girl Power', that is the first thing I think about when I want to describe my MMA session with Lady Luna. For years I have been fantasizing about the possibility of physically competing against a woman and then having no chance at all. It is a combination of a need for physical contact with a woman and a curiosity about experiencing my own fantasies. Of course, men think they are the strongest sex physically, but what if the power relationships between both sexes, in my imagination, turn out to be completely different? That thought kept stimulating my feelings. Well I'm not exactly an example of a muscular man myself. I am fit, healthy and sporty, but I am certainly not a type of bodybuilder. So a well-trained woman must be able to handle me, that was my idea. But, where do you find a woman who is both strong, but at the same time she has retained her feminine appearance and who is also willing to cross swords with me? I now know, those women are here! In the past I have wrestled with also a pretty blonde, who let my fantasy come true and put me in one hold after another. But still my hunger was not satisfied. The female dominance had to be even more extreme. And then I came across the Lady Luna website. A woman who does martial arts, besides wrestling, MMA was also a serious possibility. What followed was a long series of mail traffic, in which she always answered me quickly and clearly. As she called me more options, I became more and more curious and at the same time a bit scared. Almost everything I could think of turned out to be able and when she also agreed to the possibility of recording my upcoming humiliation, we had a deal. And then it was Monday morning and I woke up much earlier than planned. I threw my sportswear in the bag and left for Almere. I had searched where I needed to be on Google Maps, and as my footsteps, which I had previously digitally taken, touched the ground and I approached the "wrestling ring," I felt nerves grow. Earlier than agreed, I rang the doorbell on an abandoned industrial site. A friendly lady opened the door and directed me upstairs to an empty bedroom. Luna had not arrived yet, so I had to wait a while. And I did, for minutes, while I heard more and more people coming downstairs. I heard several women's voices, and also a man, I heard that (no doubt by the ladies) people were lugging things. Would it be the wrestling mats that Luna had promised to purchase? After fifteen minutes of nail biting, the door opened and the time had come! Luna introduced herself to me, finally I could complete the puzzle of the photos on which she was only partially visible on her site. We walked downstairs and I saw the wrestling mats. We discussed my wishes again, after which I was given the opportunity to change. At the same time, I wondered if my remark that she absolutely did not have to spare me was so sensible? And was it really necessary to make a real 'Battle of the Sexes' out of it, and to challenge her with texts like 'let's see who's the strongest gender.' "Of course we are men," I added. It soon became apparent that it was not smart to challenge a trained lady like Luna that way. We had not started yet, or I was already kicked in half. And when I finally managed to evade her striking kicks, I was trapped under her impressive body in no time on the floor. In the grip! In a 'chokehold', but perhaps more often in a 'breastsmother'. Very attractive to see, very painful and humiliating to experience for yourself! At the same time she pinned my hands against the mat and she almost pulled my legs apart. Her legs, let's not forget that. For women like Luna, these are truly glorified murder weapons. If she wanted, she could make every man scream for mercy. Ticking was inevitable, and while the charming lady who had let me in that morning captured the female force majeure, I was thrown to the ground again in no time. I gasped again, while I heard Luna enjoying my moans. After the photographer had left the battlefield, Luna decided that it could all be even rougher. After all, I had still not admitted that women are superior to men, I continued, stupidly, stubbornly sticking to the outdated image of male dominance. The last remaining scraps of that statue were shattered, when I had the guts to challenge Luna for a game of arm wrestling. Arm wrestling indeed, often the way to go to discover who is stronger. This competition did not last long. Or competition, that was it actually not even. Because we had hardly started or my hand was almost pressed against the table. I struggled against it for a while, but my resistance was meaningless. After two more hopeless defeats, there was no other option but to acknowledge her force majeure and humbly undergo the continuation of the 'MMA beatdown'. Smothers, chokes, scissors, kicks against my legs, at one point I was even 'hurled' throughout the room as if I were a weightless feather. After I had been thrown hard against the rough mat, a short break was even necessary because in between, Luna also showed her charming side take of my hefty scrap. After this social example of compassion, however, it was soon over with her grace and she continued my 'tour' through the wrestling room. I was crushed, sometimes literally, when she threw me to the ground and then pressed her body on top of my miserable body. I think that the imprint of my body can now still be seen on the wrestling mats, I was so rough-handedly pressed through her 'iron hips' through the mat. Sometimes, sometimes, I get a little time to stand on my feet, but a few seconds later I was thrown to the ground again or held in a standing stranglehold so that I could see in the mirror how embarrassing and hopeless my situation was . Where I thought that an hour of struggling for someone in good condition like me would be a piece of cake, there I began to gasp seriously after more than half an hour. Which was mainly because in the meantime my neck had been trapped several times between Luna's strong arms. I saw asterisks and once almost lost my coordination when, after I had to tap for the umpteenth time, I didn't know where I was exactly in the room. Because I had asked Luna to leave my neck alone in the last fifteen minutes, she decided to humiliate me in a different way. I was lifted by my waist, 'waved around' and to make it even more embarrassing, she again let my own eyes 'enjoy' by demonstrating this several times in front of the mirror. There was no longer any male pride, the strong woman did what she wanted with the weak man. The seconds ticked slowly away, my body longing for the end of the session when I was completely pinned to the floor again. I don't even know anymore what Luna did exactly those last minutes with me, simply because I didn't see much of it. I was too tired (and stubborn) to tap, with the result that her grips became more and more powerful. While I only saw the black of her leather look, under which I was completely 'folded', pressed completely by the wrestling mat. After an hour my beating was over and I was allowed to shower in the shower to lick my wounds. All the impossible positions in which she had folded my body, the countless times I was thrown against the mat, my purse-strung legs, I could not have opposed it at all! Admittedly, I didn't even dare to touch Luna. Frightened as I was for the consequences, but especially her female charms that formed a mental block to even think of an 'attack'. Not that it would have had any chance of success, presumably the punishment I would have received for that would not have been tender! I had suffered a great deal of pain, but knew it had been worth it. The muscle pain would last for a few days, which I found particularly exciting. Because I knew it was Luna's 'Girl Power' who had done this! My fantasy had become reality. To all men who read this review. Sorry, but after this afternoon never dare to claim that men represent anything compared to women. I warmly invite every man who still dares to contradict that to cross the line with Luna. Be warned, your ego will not be left ... Luna, thanks for this beating! Greetings, KD