Martial Arts Mistress Luna

I am a great enthusiast and fervent practitioner of martial arts and during sessions I also love to use My physical strength. In addition to the traditional sessions, as a Mistress I also offer sessions in which I integrate Martial Arts in the sessions or in which Martial Arts are central.

I have a slim but trained body and do not underestimate My strength. One of My great passions is sports and I am a great fan of kickboxing and My strong legs and arms I like to use during My sessions. Would you rather wrestling during a session with Me? You will also be able to experience the strength of My arms and legs during a wrestling session and I will gladly put you in different grips. I love to dominate and control My opponent mentally, verbally and physically and see you suffer as I continue My grips and clamps harder and I force you to the ultimate surrender.

Both erotic and semi-competitive sessions are possible. I am competitive, so do not be distracted by My fiery blue eyes ... I love to hear you beg for mercy while lying between My legs or arms. Obviously everything based on mutual respect and it is certainly not the intention that real violence is used. I do not offer purely competitive sessions. For this you best approach other ladies. I am a Mistress who happens to practice martial arts and not a wrestler.

If you want to feel what it feels like to be overpowered by a strong woman, book a session if you dare to take the challenge!