The answer to the most frequently asked questions is given below. If the answer is not available, please contact Me. I gladly answer all your questions.

I have no or very little experience with SM. Can I still contact you?
You can certainly contact Me. I will introduce you to different aspects of SM and slowly build up a session. Obviously taking into account your hard limits and your wishes; things that appeal to you. All this in a respectful way, because as a slave you also have to be able to enjoy a session.

Is sex also a possibility?
No, sex with Me is not an option. I am your Mistress and I do not have sex with slaves. It is possible that I bring you to a climax or that an erotic reward can follow in a session. However, this is never a guarantee and this also depends on the right flow and correct click. However, a cuckolding session may be possible, but then you are always in the role of cuck. In addition, a FemDom session is among the possibilities where the emphasis is on the erotic game and the (possible) gratification of My desires as a Mistress.

Is it possible to join a session with other slaves?
This is certainly possible. This means that I involve one of my regular slaves in the session for forced bi, taking into account your own and his limits. Furthermore, safety always comes first. It is also possible to play with multiple slaves or if you also want to play the role of switch.

What about the hygiene?
Personal hygiene is very important. My toys are always thoroughly cleaned after or before use. In addition, I also appreciate that you pay attention to your personal hygiene, so no sweat air and no excessive hair on your intimate parts. In anal play it is desirable that you clean yourself well in advance or take into account your food intake that day and the day in advance (light food).

Is it permissible for me to use narcotics during the session?
The use of narcotis is your own responsibility. I wish to be informed of this in advance and I do not allow the excessive use of narcotics. Drunk men are refused. I do not use drugs or alcohol during sessions because I have to stay sharp and guarantee the safety of you as a slave.

Do you have personal preferences in the BDSM game?
I also have My preferences. The soft-erotic teasing of slaves is something I like to do. Furthermore, I love anal play with a strapon, whips, caning, bi-game with multiple slaves, electro, CBT, ballbusting, sounds, electro and I'm crazy about nipples. In addition, I like to use my physical strength during the game in the form of wrestling and / or kickboxing.