Agenda Mistress Luna

I only work by appointment and appointments can be made, either by mail, by telephone or by whatsapp. If you want to speak to me, you first send a message and I will let you know when I can answer your call. Last minute appointments only possible if I am in a studio that day and if there is still room in my agenda. All other appointments always at least 24 hours in advance. This agenda is not binding and as mentioned, I can also come to a studio on other days, if the appointment is made in time. Appointments can also be organized in other studios and also on request abroad.



January 4th:       Amersfoort *

January 5th:       Amersfoort *

January 7th:       Almere

January 9th:       Amersfoort

January 10th:       Amersfoort

January 11th:       Amersfoort

January 16th:       Almere

January 21th:       Almere

January 24th:       Almere

January 27th:       Almere

January 28th:       Almere

January 31th:       Almere

* 4 and 5 January special Happy NY days. At these days apply a special rate of € 150,- an hour.


February 6th:       Almere 

February 9th:       Amersfoort 

February 11th:       Almere 

February 12th:       Almere 

February 21th:       Almere 

February 23th:       Amersfoort 


July 7th:                Almere

July 14th:              Almere (Happy Kinky Friday - one hour € 150,-)

July 20th:              Almere

July 24th:              Almere


August 3th:            Almere

August 7th:            Almere

August 11th:          Den Haag

August 14th:          Almere

August 18th:          Almere

August 21th:          Almere

August 23th:          Amersfoort

August 26th:          Almere

August 28th:          Almere (Happy Kinky Friday - "trio day" with Lady Katharina)


September 2nd:     Almere

September 4th:     Almere

September 9th:      Almere

September 11th:     Almere

September 16th:     Almere

September 18th:     Almere

September 20th:     Amersfoort

September 23th:     Almere

September 25th:     Almere


Oktober 14th:         Almere

Oktober 20th:         Almere

Oktober 23th:         Almere

Oktober 27th:         Almere

Temporary I am not available for sessions till April 2021. I will be available again in May, June and July 2021 for sessions.